Truly fresh and natural, these traditional Lithuanian and Polish desserts reflect the purity of the land. Select from the desserts listed below.


Made entirely by hand, these delicate, flaky pastries filled with cherry, blueberry, apricot and pineapple filling will simply melt in your mouth. These traditional Polish cookies are always a favorite and a must for the holidays!

*1 lb serves approximately 10 people


A traditional Lithuanian cake for weddings and special occasions.

*price per lb

Napoleonas Torte

Traditional Lithuanian Torte. Multiple layers of flaky pastry with sweet butter and appricot filling.

Hazelnut Torte

Using a traditional Lithuanian recipe, hazelnut are "ground by the pound" for this torte. Three layers of flourless hazelnut cake, filled with cranberries and chocolate buttercream. Outside iced with chocolate and buttercream.