At Racine Bakery, we think the most important component of any special occasion is the food. Select your appetizers from our assortment of delectable deli trays!

Assorted Cheese Tray

Choose an assortment of classic and specialty cheeses from the list below.

*serves approximately 24 people

Assorted Cheese & Meat Tray

Assortment of classic cheese, specialty cheese, and meat from the list below.

*serves approximately 24 people

Meat Tray

Assortment of classic and speacialty meat.

*serves approximately 24 people

Petite Appetizer Assortment

Assortment of Mini Tea Sandwiches, Asparagus and Ham Wraps, Hunter Sausage and Saltiena Cups.

*serves approximately 24 people

Gravalax and Pumpernickel

Fresh salmon seasoned and specially marinated in citrus jus. Paired with our thinly sliced Pumpernickel bread.

*serves approximately 24 people

Veggie Tray

Assortment of seasonal vegetables. Choose either vegetable or dill dip.

*serves approximately 24 people

Fruit Tray

Assortment of fresh seasonal fruit.

*serves approximately 24 people

* Please note that our assortment of cheese and meat changes periodically. Check with the deli to verify the availability of your selections.



American • Cheddar • Edam • Danish Havarti (Plain or with Dill) • Munster & Provolone • Asiago Cheese • Swiss • Wisconsin Brick


Andrulis (Plain, with Caraway Seeds, No Salt Added, Chive, Garlic and Onion) • Baltija • Dvaro • Gildija • Rokiskis


Ementalski • Lubelski • Mozowiecki • Podlaski


Krolewski • Kurpianka • Maasdam (Smoked Cheese with Mushrooms)



Bacon Ribs • Canadian Bacon • Cold Smoked Canadian Bacon • Double Bacon • Traditional Baked Ham • Krakus Polish • Westphalian


Alpino Italian • Alpino Soppress • Braunsweiger (Pork) • Evreiska (Beef) • Gypsy • Hungarian • Old Forest • Traditional Hard • Wegierski


Cabanos • England • Hunter (Medziokline) • Krakowska • Liver • Luxemburg • Polska Wedzona • Polska Wiejska • Tyrolska • Zywiecka

Ethnic Variety

Dvaro Natural Cold Smoked Meat • Head Cheese • Jelly Chicken • Jelly Pork • Jelly Tongue • Kiszka (Blood Sausage)


Bologne • Smoked Turkey Breast